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Fleet Management


Stable hardware and system, accurate navigation and positioning, strong performance of Qualcomm CPU, make fleet management more efficient and more assured.

Powerful customization capabilities, including vehicle interface and various sensor interfaces can be customized. Possess professional customization capabilities.



3Rtablet provides professional and complete fleet monitoring solutions for transportation and logistics, realizes digitization and intelligence in fleet management, improves operational efficiency, improves profitability, safety and compliance. From trucks, trailers and cold chain vehicles to school buses, sanitation vehicles, our fleet telematics allows you to manage any asset from a fleet management platform. We also provide a variety of MDM software to facilitate the management of various devices, save human resources. Our Device provide high-speed and diversified network communication, such as Verizon, AT&T, Bell and other operators' networks. Our fleet management solutions are used by companies in the express, oil and gas transportation, utilities, maintenance and service industries to ensure responsible vehicle usage, confirm safety, and achieve real-time tracking.


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