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Forklift Safety


Improve efficiency: Through the 3Rtablet rugged embedded solution, forklifts can be scheduled to work together, order tasks can be reasonably allocated to forklifts, multiple cameras can make forklift operations safer.

Convenient management: The 4G and WiFi function can connect the tablet to upper-layer systems such as enterprise ERP, OMS, WMS, etc. The system can monitor the running status of the forklifts in real time, which is more intuitive and realizes intelligent operation and maintenance.



3Rtablet provides efficient, stable and customizable forklift solution. The high-brightness IPS screen above 800nits makes the information display clearer and the human-computer interaction more convenient. Multiple AHD cameras with AI function can assist drivers to work safely. Wireless communication such as LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth can speed up communication between forklifts, which is convenient for forklift scheduling and information uploading. Rich interfaces and customizable cables make the product  more suitable for the application in forklifts. The interfaces include CANBUS, USB (type-A), GPIO, RS232, etc. Flexible customized services can meet various needs of smart forklifts and make forklift operations more efficient.


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