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Taxi Dispatch


The 3Rtablet’s taxi solution provides a smarter way for taxi operators to manage their fleet. Real-time vehicle tracking, ADAS event notification, oil level monitoring, driver and passenger safety and other applications will bring great value to customers and improve operational efficiency and company profits.

The MTD suitable for taxi dispatching system provides real-time preview and recording of front and rear cameras, and can be integrated with vehicle pedometer and printer of printing bills. 4G and GPS can let operators master the location and real-time situation of taxis anytime and anywhere.



We provide reliable hardware, which can be matched with customer's taxi management system to form a perfect taxi management system. It can be used for car dispatching, navigation, communication, driver identification and so on. Rich interfaces can be connected to various pedometers, printers, ceiling lights, etc. And provide multi-channel high-definition camera videos for operators to protect taxi drivers and passengers and improve the safety of taxis. Efficient communication such as high-speed LTE and accurate GNSS positioning make the whole system more powerful.


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