High-Precision RTK Receiver and Base Station: Realizing 2.5cm Positioning Accuracy in Precision Farming, Autonomous Driving and Mining Applications


As the trend towards efficient and precise operation requirements, 3Rtablet has  launched a cutting-edge RTK base station (AT-B2) and GNSS receiver (AT-R2) , which can be used with 3Rtablet’s rugged tablets to realize centimeter-level positioning application. With our new solutions, industries such as agriculture can enjoy the benefits of autopilot system, and improve the performance and productivity of operation to a new level. Now let’s have a deeper sight of these two devices.

Centimeter-level Accuracy

AT-R2 supports CORS network mode by default. In CORS network mode, the receiver is connected with the CORS service through mobile network or special data link to obtain real-time differential data. Besides CORS network mode, we also support optional radio mode. The receiver in radio mode establishes connection with RTK base station through radio communication, and directly receives differential GPS data sent by the base station, so as to realize the accurate steering or control of vehicles. The Radio mode is suitable for application scenarios that have no mobile network coverage or requiring higher reliability. Both modes can achieve the positioning accuracy to 2.5cm.

AT-R2 also integrates a PPP (Precise Point Positioning) module, which is a technology to realize high-precision positioning by using reference correction data directly broadcast by satellites. When the receiver is in the area with no network or weak network, PPP module can play a role to realize sub-meter positioning accuracy by directly receiving satellite signals. With built-in high-performance multi-array 9-axis IMU (optional), which has real-time EKF algorithm, all-attitude calculation and real-time zero offset compensation, AT-R2 is capable of providing  accurate and reliable body posture and position data in real time. Practically enhance the reliability of autopilot system. Whether it is the application of agricultural automatic driving or mining vehicle, high-precision positioning data is crucial to simplify the workflow and improve work efficiency.

Strong Reliability

With IP66 & IP67 grades and UV protection, AT-B2 and AT-R2 have excellent  performance and accuracy in a variety of challenging environments. Even if these devices are placed outdoors every day, their shells will not crack or break within five years. Besides, AT-B2 adopts wide temperature battery, which ensure normal power supply in the working temperature of -40℉-176℉(-40℃-80℃), greatly enhancing the safety and function of devices in extreme temperatures.

Rich Interfaces

AT-R2 supports various communication methods, including data transmission via both BT 5.2 and RS232. Additionally, 3Rtablet provides customization service for extension cable which support rich interfaces such as CAN bus, meeting the requirements for different functions.

Wide-range Operation and All-day Usage

AT-B2 has built-in high-power UHF radio, which supports a transmission distance of more than 5km. In vast outdoor workplaces, it provides reliable and consistent signal coverage to ensure uninterrupted work without frequently moving base stations. And with its 72Wh large-capacity Li-battery, the working time of AT-B2 exceeds 20 hours (typical value), which is extremely suitable for long-term use. The receiver mounted on the vehicle is designed to get electric power directly from the vehicle.

Furthermore, the base station and receiver can be quickly put into operation through simple operation. AT-B2 and AT-R2 show a powerful combination of precision, reliability and durability. Whether they are used in smart agriculture or mining operations, these features can effectively reduce production costs and the labor burden on operators, help practitioners and managers complete their tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

The parameter of AT-B2 and AT-R2 can be obtained on the product details page of 3Rtablet official website. If you are interested in them, please have a look and contact us at any time for more information.

Keywords: smart agriculture, auto steering, autopilot, vehicle-mounted tablet, RTK GNSS receiver, RTK base station.

Post time: Jun-19-2024