The Advantages of Android System for Rugged Tablets


the advantage of android

In an ever-evolving technological world, the Android operating system has become synonymous with versatility and accessibility. From smartphones to tablets, this open-source platform is becoming increasingly popular. When it comes to rugged tablets, Android proves to be an ideal choice as it offers a host of advantages that enable tablets to function in challenging environments. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of a rugged Android tablet.

1. Open source:

Open source operating system is one of the biggest advantages of Android OS. Android’s source code is free for developers to make changes as per their hardware compatibility that makes the operating system customizable and research-oriented. Software development companies can tweak the user interface, pre-install relevant applications and configure security settings to customize tablet and meet different needs. The open-source nature of Android encourages third-party developers to create and publish innovative apps, continuously expanding the app ecosystem.

2. Google integration:

Android was developed by Google and therefore works seamlessly with Google services such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Maps. This makes it easier to access and synchronize data across other Android devices, enabling interconnection of production devices and providing efficiency and unlimited possibilities for work in all walks of life. This integration also offers better security and privacy protections as Google Play Store can help users detect and uninstall unnecessary apps to prevent malware intrusion.

3. Easy and cost-effective application development:

Android enjoys a massive developer community, making it easier and more cost-effective to develop applications. Companies can collaborate with application developers, either internal or external, to create custom applications that address industry-specific challenges. Whether it’s optimizing inventory management, improving field data collection, or enhancing communication, the Android platform offers abundant opportunities for tailored solutions. Android Studio, a development tool introduced by Google, also provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools to build Android apps quickly and efficiently.

4. Expandable storage space

Many Android devices support the ability to add additional storage space with micro SD cards. In industries such as logistics, mining or precision agriculture that require saving and processing huge amounts of data, expandable storage space of rugged tablet is undoubtedly essential. It allows enterprises to store and access data without worrying about running out of space or updating to a new device. In addition, it becomes available for users to transfer data between devices simply by swapping out the micro SD card.

5. Lower power consumption

Android system automatically adjusts the allocation of resources such as CPU and memory based on device usage to optimize battery usage. For example, when the device is in sleep mode, the system automatically closes some applications and processes to reduce battery consumption. It also supports energy-saving technologies like smart brightness control, which can adjust screen brightness according to ambient lighting. In short, the Android system devotes itself to making devices more energy efficient to improve the battery life and user experience.

In conclusion, the Android operating system offers a unique set of benefits, from customization to convenience to integration and more. Understanding these advantages, 3Rtablet is committed to developing rugged Android tablets and solutions for different application scenarios. Hoping to help enterprises improve production efficiency and solve problems.

Post time: Oct-30-2023