New Rugged Tablet Powered by Android 12


Introducing a new rugged tablet (VT-7A) powered by Android 12.

3Rtablet‘s new 7-inch tablet has many impressive features, including its quad-core A53 64-bit processor, clocked at up to 2.0G. It is specially designed to meet the demands of harsh environments with an IP67 rating. With its impact resistance and sunlight-readable display that supports up to 800 nits, it’s the perfect device for outdoor use.

Equipped with the Android 12 operating system, this tablet is not only durable, but also has powerful performance and rich multimedia functions. Its built-in GNSS, 4G, WIFI, BT and other wireless modules make it an ideal device for various Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Things applications. Integrated with MDM management software, this tablet supports device management, remote control, mass deployment , upgrade and so on.

VT-7A is customizable to your business needs and comes with an SDK that allows developers to customize it to their specific requirements. This rugged tablet is designed with the end user in mind, ensuring it’s intuitive and easy to use. With experienced R&D team, we support system customization and user applications development.

When it comes to performance, VT-7A offers speed and power levels unmatched in its class. With its quad-core processor, it handles even the most demanding applications with ease. No matter what industries you’re using it in, VT-7A is a reliable and durable device that won’t let you down.

Overall, the new rugged tablet powered by Android 12 is an excellent device that can satisfy a variety of different applications. It is a durable device that can withstand the harshest environments, making it perfect for industries such as logistics, transportation, utilities, mining, precision agriculture, forklift safety, waste management and field service. With its customizable features and SDK available, VT-7A is a versatile device that puts you in control.

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Post time: May-16-2023