Improve Mining Operation with Rugged Tablets


Mining, whether conducting above ground or underground, is an extremely demanding industry requiring the highest precision, safety and efficiency. Being confronted with harsh working environment and serious requirement, mining industry needs the integration of advanced technologies to conquer those potential challenges. For example, the ground of the mining area is always covered with dust and stones, and the flying dust and vibration will easily interrupt the normal operation of the in-vehicle tablet. 


3Rtablet’s rugged tablets are engineered to meet military MIL-STD-810G, IP67 dust-proof and waterproof standards and drop resistance to handle the harsh environments such as high temperature, shock, vibration and drops. From dusty open pit mines to damp underground tunnels, our tablets with rugged construction protects can against the intrusion of dust and moisture, ensuring uninterrupted operation and data integrity in any case.


In the era of digital transformation, the significance of wireless communication in mining industry is particularly prominent. Wireless communication can provide real-time data transmission, improve production efficiency, enhance worker safety and reduce the impact of accident. However, an underground mine is generally so deep, narrow and tortuous that poses a huge obstacle to the propagation of wireless signals. And the electromagnetic interference generated by electrical equipment and metal structures  can greatly interfere the wireless signals transmission during mining operation.


As for today, 3Rtablet have successfully assisted plenty of companies to improve the efficiency and uptime of their mining operations by offering solutions for remote data collection, process visualization and control. 3Rtablet’s rugged tablets are packed with cutting-edge features that facilitate precise, real-time data collection. With the help of integrated wireless communication technology, operators can easily transmit the collected data to a centralized system, enabling timely analysis, decision-making and efficient resource allocation. Real-time data collection enables managers and supervisors to monitor potential hazards and intervene in time to prevent accidents. By keeping workers informed and connected, these rugged tablets promote a safety-focused work environment, reduce accidents and improve the overall safety record of mining operations.


Considering the diverse needs of mining informatization, 3Rtablet supports customers to change the capacitive touch screen into a special one that allows customized gloves touch operation. This feature enables operators to readily operate the touch screen while performing other tasks that require wearing gloves, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and preventing unnecessary delays. Additionally, our tablets boast customizable connectors including waterproof USB connector, CAN BUS interface, etc. that allow seamless integration with a wide variety of mining equipment and machinery to make communication connection more convenient and stable. 


Using rugged tablets in mining operations provides notable business advantages. These tablets optimize productivity and increase profitability by increasing productivity, reducing downtime and leveraging remote data collection. In addition, the precise data collected by these rugged tablets facilitates accurate performance analysis, enabling decision makers to identify areas for improvement and make informed strategic choices. As a result, businesses can stay ahead of competitors and gradually establish sustainable mining operations in the future.


Post time: Aug-24-2023