FMS-interface standard connector description

1. What is FMS? 

In 2002, six major truck manufacturers (Volvo, Scania, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Mercedes-Benz)  created a standardized vehicle interface which will be supported by these leading truck manufacturers for third parties access to get the vehicle data, called the FMS  (FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)standard. Since the establishment of the FMS standard, there's only one "language"- FMS protocol to learn the vehicle specific communication systems.


2. The FMS-interface

The FMS-interface is an optional interface of different truck manufacturers. Supported information is dependent upon vehicle equipment. For the full information set, additional Electronic Control Units (ECU) may be required.The FMS standard defines its own standard physical interface which is a 12pin coloured green and is located on the passenger side, behind the central electric unit in the instrument panel.  The appearance and interface definitions are as follows:



3. FMS-Standard connector description




4.1 Parameters for Bus and Truck FMS-Standard

4.1.1 Fuel Consumption: LFC 9

4.1.2 Dash Display 1: DD1 10

4.1.3 Electronic Engine Controller #1: EEC1 11

4.1.4 Engine Hours, Revolutions: HOURS 12

4.1.5 Vehicle Identification: VI 13

4.1.6 FMS-standard Interface Identity / Capabilities: FMS 14

4.1.7 High Resolution Vehicle Distance: VDHR 16

4.1.8 Tachograph : TCO1 17

4.1.9 Engine Temperature 1: ET1 19

4.1.10 Ambient Conditions: AMB 20

4.1.11 Driver's Identification: DI 21

4.1.12 Fuel Economy: LFE 22

4.1.13 Air Supply Pressure : AIR1 23

4.1.14 High Resolution Fuel Consumption (Liquid): HRLFC 24

4.1.15 Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 1 Information: AT1T1I 25

4.1.16 FMS Tell Tale Status: FMS1 26

4.1.17 Electronic Brake Controller 1: EBC1 30

4.1.18 Electronic Engine Controller 14: EEC14 31

4.1.19 Fuel Consumption (Gaseous): GFC 33

4.1.20 Electronic Retarder Controller 1: ERC1 34

4.2 Parameters for Truck FMS-Standard

4.2.1 Cruise Control/Vehicle Speed 1: CCVS1 35

4.2.2 Electronic Engine Controller #2: EEC2 37

4.2.3 Vehicle Weight: VW 38

4.2.4 Service Information: SERV 40

4.2.5 PTO Drive Engagement: PTODE 41

4.2.6 Combination Vehicle Weight: CVW



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