Smart port is the future trend, through information technology, you can monitor the progress of various operations at the terminal in real time, and visualize the loading and unloading of ships, berth use, storage yard cargo stacking and other situations. A rugged tablet PC can better improve the efficiency of port dispatch and more convenient information collection and transmission.

A rugged tablet with good expandability, customized and acceptable can meet different customers’ requirements. 3Rtablet offers interface customization, system customization and appearance customization etc. The tablet is configured with high-speed LTE data transmission, an accurate GNSS positioning, strong software compatibility, and also can be worked with MDM software for device management.


3Rtablet offers tablet solutions for port management. The rugged tablet has a bright screen display which is readable in sunlight environment. The IP67 dust-proof and waterproof rating to prevent damage to the tablet from dust and rain. Rich communication methods, LTE, GNSS, Bluetooth, WI-Fi etc, makes information can be conveyed quickly and port dispatch management is more efficient. A powerful Qualcomm processor, and customizable Android system makes the information efficient. Customizable cables and durable connector types make the device more stable and reliable. The tablet paired with MDM software is more convenient for device management. Automated and digital port management will make port operations more efficient and convenient, thereby increasing operating profits.


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