bus transportation

Public transportation system is very important for a city. Our MDT can provide a rugged, stable and competitive hardware platform for bus solution companies. We have MDT with different screen sizes like 7-inch and 10-inch to meet the needs of different customers.

Suitable for the bus system hardware solution, which can be connected to the multi-channel camera, preview and recording. It can also be connected to an RFID reader via RS232. Rich interfaces including network port, audio input and output, etc.


Stability and durability are the needs of bus operators. We provide professional equipment and customized hardware solutions for buses. We can customize different interfaces and cable lengths. We can also provide MDT with multiple video inputs. Drivers can preview surveillance cameras. The MDT can also be connected to LED displays, RFID card readers, speakers and microphones. High speed 4G network and GNSS positioning can make remote management easier. MDM software enables operation and maintenance more rapid and cost-effective.


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