The Best Display for Your Farming Operation

Farmers know their fields – they catch the curve of every hill, anticipate where water collects after a heavy rain, and remember just the right spot to catch sunsets at the end of a long day. Precision agriculture takes that unwritten familiarity and knowledge – the kind only acquired through hard work and daily commitment – to the next level with accurate data and modern technological application. 

Having a rugged and smart display in your cab gives you industry-leading performance with the ability to accurately monitor and map field information in real time, providing the right bridge for technological advances to improve your existing operations. 

3Rtablet’s rugged tablet with IP67 rating and abundant functions are allowed farm precision providers able to develop their own application and protocols running on the tablets, to maxim their output to make a small farm of a large operation, and increasing great of efficiency.

Field work is hard work, but automated and assisted steering systems take off the burden. Automated steering helps eliminate bad passes, skips and overlaps by using mapped data for automatic terrain compensation. You can work more efficiently without working harder, as the technology does this heavy lifting for you. All the data you need is at your fingertips as you work, easily accessible through the in-cab displays. 

Every farm is different. They use different equipment, vary in size, grow different crops, and cover various types of terrain. However, an interactive display can greatly reduce the operator's inconvenience. The recommended tablets for agriculture farm display below,
With a slightly smaller screen (7 inches), the VT-7 Pro offers many of the same features available with a little less real estate needed inside the cab thanks to the roof-mounted guidance controller and screen size. In addition to its built-in internet connectivity, this unit also offers Bluetooth and WiFi communication options.  

The 10.1 inches Display VT-10 Pro and VT-10 iMX offer the same hardware durability for use in all field conditions as well as the easy-to-use software platform, so the emphasis is on getting the work done, not trying to navigate an overly complex computer system. This unit is also portable and suitable for use in a variety of vehicles. 

If you are a solution providers, and looking for a rugged high brightness display tablets for your farm precision solution working in harsh environment, the 3Rtablet rugged tablets may your good choice, not only provide the hardware devices, it’s R&D team engineers also provide technical support during your solution development. 

Please feel free to contact to get more information of the tablet specifications. Thank you for your time.


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