About 3Rtablet

3Rtablet mainly focus on the developing and manufacturing of automotive and commercial products.

3Rtablet is a technology based and market oriented innovative enterprise. Our R&D team has been deeply engaged in embedded technology for many years, mainly focusing on the development, manufacturing, marketing and delivery of IoV products.

3Rtablet follows innovative technologies, complete solutions, friendly products, excellent quality and professional services, in order to continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction. 3Rtablet offers OEM/ODM service, products could be tailored to meet your needs.


Overall protective design.


Stable and durable performance


Respond to different needs


Development of embedded computer based on ARM architecture


Embedded PC based on Android / Linux / WinCE OS for industrial fields


Embedded Android tablet for special vehicle fields


Focus on ELD market, and release the first ELD vehicle tablet


3RTABLET is established and committed to development of IoV products

We are constantly pursuing more perfect products and improving our products with curiosity and creativity. Achieve this goal by turning complex technologies into easy-to-use devices. Meanwhile, we attach great importance to the quality of our products, and it is our desire and pursuit to manufacture reliable products.


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